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  • Dr. Pannunzio performed surgery on my R wrist which at my age is not something one would want to have done. He was not only a kind, compassionate physician, but also very competent. I never want to break another bone, however if I do, I know who I will have take care of me. Thank you Dr. Mike!


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    Dr. Meyer’s assistant sent me to get an x-ray of my arm. Because Dr. Meyer listened to the radiologist, he virtually saved my life—it’s been a three year journey. He sent me on to an oncologist. While looking for one type of cancer due to the x-ray, my PET scan found another rare m...

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

  • I've been seeing Dr. Meyers for at ten years. He first fixed a torn rotor cuff that another surgeon tried to fix. That surgeon sent me to Dr. Meyers. Dr. Meyers had to do a reverse shoulder replacement and remove a piece of my collar bone.… Since then he has repaired my left shoulder, 2 carpal tun...

    ~ Janice Lykins ~

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    I strongly recommend Dr Alex(I called him by his first name). He is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, nice, polite, and caring. He is one of the best doctors I have ever dealt with. It can be difficult to get an immediate appointment b...

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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    My recovery therapy has been handled superbly by Stacy, O.T. She showed patience and explained the "why's and therefore's" very clearly. She is perfect.

    ~ Donald of Noblesville, IN ~

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    I want to thank Dr. Pannunzio and your rehab staff for help you gave my son. We appreciated your skill and friendliness. That's a rare combination.

    ~ Del of Huntington, IN ~

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    Dr. Meyers is outstanding. I'm his biggest fan.

    ~ Juliann of Carmel, IN ~

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    You guys have been great. It's wonderful knowing you're here.

    ~ Lora of Carmel, IN ~

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    My wife's amazing recovery to near 100% in under 90 days can only be attributed to your outstanding skills and your therapist's efforts.

    ~ Gregory of Carmel, IN ~

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    Sure Doc is talented, but I know the real magical healing comes from the smiles of all you girls who support him. Thank you.

    ~ Kevin of Daleville, IN ~

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